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Dr Deodata Monero

Clinical Psychologist

  • Provides cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), schema therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) to enable individuals to manage their emotions and lead purposeful lives
  • Specialise working with longstanding emotional issues
  • Competent C&I Wellbeing mental health trainer and workshop facilitator with expertise in Personality Disorders

Dr Monero’s background in systemic and recovery approaches permeates through every area of her practice: at the heart of every therapeutic interaction is the strong belief that the client in therapy is the expert in their own situation. Dr Monero acts like biographer in the sense that you have the expertise in your life but she has expertise in writing a compelling book.  Her expertise in DBT means that she practices in an offbeat style, which sometimes takes an unconventional and creative approach to emotional problems. It’s not to say that emotional issues are not a serious business but it has been said that there in an inordinate amount of laughing from Dr Monero’s therapy room. This style reflects aspects of her preferred therapy style (DBT) which if done well is often irreverent but always best practised in a professional and adherent manner.

Dr Monero specialises in providing training for staff working with people with emotionally unstable personality disorder (borderline personality disorder) for instance ‘Managing Self-harm’, ‘Awareness of Personality Disorder (e.g Knowledge and Understanding Framework for Personality Disorders’) and ‘Self-management’.



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Our CBT and Mindfulness based workshops cover a range of topics.

Psychological Therapy

We provide evidence-based, confidential psychological therapy and counselling.