Mental Health Awareness Training & Mental Health Champion Training

This training for employees provides an overview of common mental health difficulties, including a summary of causes and risk factors, signs and symptoms and how these might manifest in the workplace. The training also covers tools and techniques that staff can use to promote their own wellbeing, support colleagues, and learn how to access appropriate outside support when needed. Benefits of this course include:

  • Tackling stigma and common misconceptions head-on through education
  • Staff will develop a tool kit to promote positive wellbeing practices
  • Staff will be better able to identify when they need support and know where to go to access it
  • Promoting a culture where employees feel empowered to acknowledge and address mental health needs more openly

This course can be offered as an introductory half day, one day or full two day training session. Participation in the two day course will equip members of your staff to become Mental Health Champions for your organisation, helping them to develop the confidence and skills to offer basic support to their colleagues who may be struggling and learn how to effectively signpost them to outside help.



We can help your organisation to raise awareness around mental health and wellbeing.


Our CBT and Mindfulness based workshops cover a range of topics.

Consultation & Supervision

Our experts provide consultation regarding your wellbeing offerings and strategies.